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10 Recommendations for Healthier Sleep

Posted by Circadiance on Sep 28, 2021 3:25:57 PM

Following the top ten recommendations for healthy sleep can help you fall asleep faster, sleep through the night, make you feel refreshed the next day, improve your health, and lengthen your life.

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Feather Weight Tube: The Lightweight CPAP Hose Extension

Posted by Circadiance on Sep 21, 2021 2:18:45 PM

The SleepWeaver® Feather Weight Tube® is a great addition to your CPAP therapy because it creates a unique flex zone between the SleepWeaver mask and the CPAP hose.

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Circadiance is Exhibiting and Presenting at VGM Heartland Conference 2021

Posted by Circadiance on Sep 7, 2021 2:13:26 PM

VGM's 20th Anniversary Heartland Conference will be here before you know it! Will you be attending?

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Finding Your SleepWeaver "Equivalent"

Posted by Circadiance on Aug 31, 2021 3:27:31 PM

In a previous blog, we went over each SleepWeaver mask and its unique benefits. However, many patients have been using PAP masks for years and are turning to SleepWeaver for a skin-friendly alternative. If that's you, read on to find the "equivalent" SleepWeaver to replace the mask you've been using.

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Summer SleepWeaver Sales!

Posted by Circadiance on Aug 24, 2021 12:16:15 PM

Summer SleepWeaver Sales coming your way! 🏷️🙌

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Choosing the Right SleepWeaver Mask for You

Posted by Circadiance on Aug 17, 2021 3:59:26 PM

You have done your research and looked at PAP masks made of gel, silicone, plastic, and cloth—finally settling on a skin-friendly, all-cloth mask. And you have made the very important decision to stay healthy by adopting PAP therapy as part of your routine. Now it is time to choose the right skin-friendly mask for YOU! As many of us know, selecting a PAP mask can be frustrating as well as overwhelming for any patient—the seasoned patient looking for a new mask as well as the "new to PAP therapy" patient.

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Best Places To Buy CPAP Masks - Part 3

Posted by Circadiance on Aug 3, 2021 10:21:48 AM

In the past year, we have seen the COVID-19 pandemic cause unprecedented interruptions across the healthcare spectrum. Early on this impacted areas deemed "non-essential" but has evolved into a major supply chain issue around the world. If you're a CPAP patient trying to get supplies or care, read the blog below to find helpful resources during this challenging time. 

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Best Places To Buy CPAP Masks - Part 2

Posted by Circadiance on Jul 28, 2021 3:24:21 PM

Last week, we posted a blog that many people found helpful on how to get a CPAP mask. You can find that here. In the past year, many patients have been seeking this resource as the number of open stores fluctuates from month to month. Even as the situation improves, consumer preferences are trending more and more toward delivery right to their doors...

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Best Places To Buy CPAP Masks - Part 1

Posted by Circadiance on Jul 20, 2021 11:41:11 AM

Did you know that you have several options available when looking to buy a new CPAP mask? You can choose from a Durable Medical Equipment (DME) company, internet reseller, or a number of other sources. DMEs and internet resellers are the two most popular sources and will be our focus in this blog.

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SleepWeaver® Soft Cloth CPAP Masks Receive Trademark Registration As "Skin Friendly®"

Posted by Circadiance on Jul 14, 2021 3:06:42 PM

The Skin Friendly® label for SleepWeaver® CPAP masks is now a registered trademark with the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

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