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Finding the Best CPAP Mask for You

Finding the Best CPAP Mask for You

Posted by Circadiance on Nov 16, 2021 12:42:53 PM

Just like everyone's face, CPAP masks come in different styles and sizes. Finding the best one for your sleep needs can take time and be a tedious process. But we're here to help!

The first place to start with mask selection is choosing a category: Nasal (covers your nose) or Full-Face (coves your nose and mouth). 

How do I know if I should use a nasal or a full-face CPAP mask?

The first question to ask yourself is: Do you tend to breathe mainly through your nose or through your mouth when you sleep? If you primarily use your nose, then you can choose a CPAP nasal mask. These masks connect either around your nose or directly to the nostrils of your nose. On the other hand, if you use your mouth more when you sleep, then you'll need a full-face mask that covers both the nose and the mouth. 

Next, you'll need to consider the fit or how the mask is strapped on. 

Which headgear is right for me? Should I use a chin strap?

Around-the-head straps are typically considered to be the most comfortable form of headgear available, but combination head and chin straps are also an option if you are able to get a more secure fit. How the mask straps on determines how secure it will fit on your face and ultimately how effective it will be. It also determines how much free movement you'll have as you sleep and how comfortable you'll be.

The final step in finding the best CPAP mask is to make sure you find the right size.

What size mask should I wear?

Choosing the right sized mask goes a long way toward achieving your goal of getting a good and comfortable fit. Many people can fit more than one size. So if the mask is still leaking air (especially around the bridge of the nose for a nasal or full-face mask) it might be worth trying a different mask size to find one that's perfect. It is hard to get a good seal and a comfortable fit if you have the wrong size mask. To avoid this problem, prior to purchasing your CPAP mask it is a good idea to size yourself. Please view our SleepWeaver Universal Sizing Guide to determine which size product is best suited for your facial features. With our masks, it is important to not be too loose or too tight. 

SleepWeaver Skin Friendly CPAP Masks are made of soft cloth that conforms to many different face shapes and sizes. We recommend you choose SleepWeaver first to start your therapy off on the right foot. 

SleepWeaver offers a variety of products to help you become compliant with your CPAP therapy. Click the link below to view our brochure and select your first mask.

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