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SleepWeaver with SleepGlad

Circadiance Partners with SleepGlad AI Mask Fitter

Posted by Circadiance on Oct 12, 2021 3:10:57 PM

Circadiance’s SleepWeaver masks are now on the SleepGlad formulary, a mask selection tool driven by artificial intelligence to help PAP patients find the perfect fit on the first try.

This partnership puts Circadiance’s SleepWeaver PAP masks onto the SleepGlad mask formulary. SleepGlad is the world’s first remote, 3D-scanning PAP/NIV mask fitter, requiring no special software or hardware. Joining the formulary ensures patients who scan their faces with the SleepGlad application may be paired with a SleepWeaver mask.

By joining the SleepGlad platform, Circadiance enters the remote fitting market for the first time. SleepGlad’s application features cutting-edge technology that uses a regular mobile camera to analyze more than 4,500 different points on the face to determine which PAP mask will fit best. As more patients use the solution, artificial intelligence automatically determines and assigns the best masks with machine learning based on repeat buying cycles and patient feedback. “We are excited to partner with SleepGlad since it levels the PAP mask field by removing bias and financial influence,” said David Groll, founder, and CEO of Circadiance. “For years we have claimed to have the best masks for patients of all facial types. This solution will give us a chance to prove that in a quantitative way by reaching new customers with a tool that takes an objective approach to mask fit and selection.” The elastic fabric on the SleepWeaver interface conforms to a patient’s facial features, so there are no pressure points, resulting in a perfect fit.

“SleepGlad was designed to be agnostic with our formulary opportunities,” said David Baxter, President of SleepGlad. “We noticed that the PAP mask market had so many different mask manufacturers, types, shapes, sizes, and materials that it was impossible to make the best choice as a patient. Our solution will help patients discover the perfect fit, the first time, or your money back!”

Help your patients find the perfect fit and try the app today!

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