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Resources for Commercial Drivers

Resources for Commercial Drivers with Sleep Apnea

Posted by Circadiance on Feb 23, 2022 3:27:19 PM

It's well documented that commercial drivers who fail to adhere to sleep apnea treatment have higher crash rates. Compliance with treatment begins with finding the right information. If you work as a commercial driver, these resources can help you get the rest you need and keep you safe on the road.


The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has done extensive work to provide information for commercial drivers who have sleep apnea. You can, and probably should start with the resources they've compiled. 

DOT Physical Requirements for Sleep Apnea

Concentra has put together a PDF for commercial drivers that includes recommendations on how to maintain compliance. Drivers must use a CPAP machine at least four hours per night, 70% of the time, to satisfy the Department of Transportation's requirements. 

Common Compliance Questions from Commercial Drivers has a blog that answers the eight most common questions from commercial drivers about CPAP therapy. They also sell all of the equipment you need to begin and maintain therapy compliance.

Dr. John's Medical

Dr. John's Medical is an organization that is specifically committed to providing drivers with the medical products and services that they need on the road. Dr. John is a big fan of the SleepWeaver mask and he recommends you use them for your therapy on the job and at home. 


We have written about risks for commercial drivers with sleep apnea and provided specific discounts for drivers in the past. If you have sleep apnea, subscribe to our blog to get helpful resources in your inbox and be the first to know about mask discounts! 

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