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Vision 2020 - Operations

Vision 2020 - OPERATIONS

Posted by Circadiance on Dec 29, 2020 3:06:14 PM

This week we will conclude our Vision 2020 blog series in three parts. The first is one that has played a significant role in the past year: operations!

Circadiance uses multiple contract manufacturers and third party logistic providers. As we mentioned in the last part of our blog, we have a strong emphasis on supplier quality and choose to work with suppliers and consultants who share our vision. This past year we have quickly developed new systems to allow employees to work almost anywhere and have maintained a robust quality control to meet all regulatory requirements.

Internally, we seek to pursue cycle time reduction relentlessly. This applies to all of our transaction (ie. order entry, shipping, invoicing) and decision-making processes. We believe that organizational speed is built on short, fast cycles in all aspects of the operation.

Another operational aim is continual reduction in the costs of our products. We achieve this by improving the efficiency of our manufacturing and distribution process, implementing product design and technology improvements and working with suppliers who enable and support cost reduction.

Reducing cycle times and product costs allow Circadiance to take advantage of numerous external opportunities we otherwise would not be able to. We are constantly seeking out suppliers, consultants, and new employees who align with our vision because it ultimately means improved outcomes for our customers and their patients. 

The values, principles and expectations that apply to our employees extend to all of our operations. We treat our suppliers and consultants as members of our team. New suppliers are expected to contribute immediately focus on results so that our customers always receive the quality they've come to expect. We expect consultants to be as passionate about helping us as we are about serving our customers. All of our operations are evaluated based on actual performance so that we can objectively provide the best service and products for our customers. 

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