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Vision 2020 - PARTNERS

Vision 2020 - PARTNERS

Posted by Circadiance on Aug 11, 2020 10:54:07 AM

The next part of our Vision 2020 blog series is on one of the most important parts of our vision: partners!

Circadiance has developed partnerships all over the world to improve the health and lives of people everywhere. Without our partners, we could never achieve worldwide recognition and market growth. 

Our aim is to sell in over 80% of the markets on earth through a combination of national and regional distributors by 2023. We also plan to have more than 20% of our revenue generated outside of the US. To accomplish this, we have designed every product for potential international distribution. At this time, most of our products have been customized and labeled for distribution in multiple countries. 

We have partnered with certain companies for the distribution of our products through joint venture arrangements. These partners have unique distribution capabilities that match with our unique device technology. They provide us the ability to access market segments and geographies in which they are better positioned to represent us. We strategically select and support these organizations to act as an extension of Circadiance.

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