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Vision 2020 - CULTURE

Posted by Circadiance on Feb 13, 2020 12:47:57 PM

Last month, we posted a blog about the people who work at Circadiance and how they set this company apart from others. This week, we will introduce the next part of our Vision 2020 blog series: CULTURE. Culture inevitably goes hand-in-hand with who we are and what our vision is for the future. Company culture evolves everyday, but it is also guided to fit the vision of management. Below describes what our culture looks like and what we want to become.

Circadiance is fun, fast and a little quirky. We provide a good work / life balance and we know each other personally as well as professionally. We are family oriented and encourage involvement of family in company activities.

Even though we have clear, well-documented procedures, we do not create unnecessary red tape. We communicate well laterally across the organization as well as up and down the chain of command. The hierarchy is flat, the organization is fluid, and we spontaneously reorganizing to address problems as they arise. There is a tribal knowledge within the company that makes us excellent at quickly solving our customer’s problems.

The company is eager to try new things and employees are never punished for an honest effort to solve a real problem. Employees are given the opportunity to develop and test their ideas and then deploy and institutionalize the successful ones. We accept risk and understand that some efforts result in failure. We want to reach that failure point quickly, recognize it and learn from the experience.

Our offices are open with numerous common areas for people to meet. We enjoy the feel of a small company where everyone is approachable and everybody knows each other. Everyone can post ideas, news and accomplishments in public places within the offices. When you walk around the building you hear laughter and debate and see stand-up meetings with spontaneous problem solving. Circadiance feels like a bee hive of activity where each person is moving with a purpose toward a common goal. Employees get the satisfaction of being recognized in the community for working at a great company.

Company culture isn't often something put into words, but it is part of what defines who we are. We're proud of it and we hope you find this valuable in shaping your own vision for 2020 and beyond.

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