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Sleep is Essential

Sleep is Essential

Posted by Circadiance on Mar 14, 2023 1:46:00 PM

Did you know that an estimated 70 million Americans suffer from some sort of sleep problem? Understanding how lack of sleep affects your health can allow you to make healthier choices and decisions regarding your daily habits and your decisions on how you live. Sleep is essential to every part of life. If you aren’t getting the rest you need, don’t wait to find out why!

There’s no better time to learn about how sleep affects us than Sleep Awareness Week which culminates with World Sleep Day. The truth is that without sufficient sleep, our bodies manufacture way less cytokine which is a type of protein that targets and fights infection. And while sleep will not prevent you from getting sick, skimping on sleep could adversely affect your immune system leaving you susceptible to possible illnesses. About 70 million adults in the US suffer from some kind of sleep disorder. After insomnia, sleep apnea is the leading disorder but also one of the easiest to diagnose and resolve. It’s this simple: contact your doctor to get set up with a sleep study and find the right solution for your body. 

Circadiance creates SleepWeaver CPAP masks to help sleep apnea patients get the rest they need in a mask they actually like. If you’re tired all the time and find out you have sleep apnea, give one of our masks a try. You might just have a better night’s sleep, but we think it’ll change your life. Don't wait another day to get tested and find the rest you need. Your sleep is essential!

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