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Why NeoPAP?

Why NeoPAP?

Posted by Circadiance on Jan 9, 2020 10:24:59 AM

Ventilating premature babies is a science that researchers are constantly re-evaluating. Best practices are updated often while we try to find the best way to help this population breathe more easily, with the least amount of support. The most commonly used strategy right now is early CPAP, but at what cost?

Is your hospital using a developmentally friendly CPAP interface?

  • Some devices inhibit kangaroo care, NeoPAP features a slim interface that encourages comfortable kangaroo care and promotes eye contact. Both of which help baby’s developing brain, cardiorespiratory and temperature stability, reduces infections and the length of hospital stay (Jefferies, 2012).
  • Skin breakdown is a common problem with CPAP in the NICU. NeoPAP’s unique bonnet, cannula/mask, and patented Baby-Trak leak Compensation Technology™ greatly reduces skin breakdown. Baby-Track Leak Compensation Technology™ allows the device to adjust flow to ensure that the baby receives a stable, set pressure consistently. The cannula allows this leak, reducing skin breakdown and nasal injury.

Does a lack of audible alarms keep your clinical staff guessing if therapy is being delivered?

  • One of the most popular forms of CPAP therapy doesn’t have any visual or audible alarms, which leaves clinicians guessing about whether or not therapy is being delivered. NeoPAP features both visual and audible alarms so clinicians and family members can rest assured, knowing that the baby is getting the therapy they need.

Do you provide both CPAP and High Flow Therapy to infants?

  • Many NICUs utilize both therapies for specific patient populations. NeoPAP is a great space saver as it can deliver both CPAP and High Flow Therapy in one device, with no changes to the patient interface, and no disruption to therapy delivery. This also saves bedside space and equipment storage space.
  • High Flow Therapy is sometimes questioned because clinicians don’t know how much pressure is actually being generated from the delivered flow. NeoPAP is the only High Flow Therapy device that actually measures pressure at the patient.

All of the above reasons are why hospitals trust NeoPAP to deliver consistent, reliable therapy to their tiniest patients. Want to know more about NeoPAP? Click here.

Jefferies, A. L. (2012). Kangaroo Care for the Preterm Infant and Family. Canadian Paediatric Society, Fetus and Newborn , 141-143.

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