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Best Place to Buy CPAP Masks 2

Best Places To Buy CPAP Masks - Part 2

Posted by Circadiance on Jul 28, 2021 3:24:21 PM

Last week, we posted a blog that many people found helpful on how to get a CPAP mask. You can find that here. In the past year, many patients have been seeking this resource as the number of open stores fluctuates from month to month. Even as the situation improves, consumer preferences are trending more and more toward delivery right to their doors...Circadiance recently received a call from the daughter of an elderly CPAP user in Florida. She told us that her dad, who’s almost 80 years old, has both kidney and heart issues. His cardiac functions have diminished to functioning at 13% of normal capacity. As we often find with CPAP users, he kept using his CPAP mask past the recommended 90 days but hadn't tried getting a new one. When his family insisted that he call his DME to request a new mask, he was told by his DME that it would take five to six weeks to receive a new mask. This length of time was too long to wait since the mask he was using already needed to be replaced! His daughter then contacted Circadiance directly to find out if there was a supply chain issue between us and our DME/reseller customers. We were happy to tell her that there is no supply chain issue with the SleepWeaver masks at this time and we were able to direct her to a reseller who could ship the mask out the same day!

There is no reason to wait for a mask—especially when your health and cleanliness are at risk! Read more testimonies from SleepWeaver Believers here and submit your own here. If you have experienced a supply issue, please report that here

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