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Where Do I Get A CPAP Mask

Where Do I Get A CPAP Mask?

Posted by Circadiance on Jan 28, 2020 3:15:00 PM

Did you know that you have several options available when looking to buy a new CPAP mask? You can choose from a Durable Medical Equipment (DME) company, internet reseller, or a number of other sources. DMEs and internet resellers are the two most popular sources and will be our focus today.

DMEs are oftentimes “brick and mortar” stores. Many of them offer resupply programs that allow you to have masks mailed directly to your home. Most DME companies will have several mask options on display, allowing you to see the differences between the various CPAP masks on the market today. Additionally, a member of their staff may be able to help with the fitting of the mask as well as answer questions you may have regarding mask choices. Typically, the DME stores will accept insurance as payment as well as direct pay or “out of pocket” payment from the user.

Another option would be to purchase the mask from an internet reseller. This is the fastest growing channel for CPAP mask sales. In the case of the internet reseller, obviously you are not able to physically touch the masks displayed, however, there are numerous masks to choose from. Most sites provide several photos and detailed descriptions of the available masks. All of these direct-buy companies have trained customer service departments staffed with people able to explain the mask differences as well as provide assistance in selecting the correct size. The majority of internet providers are only able to accept direct payment from the user, however, there are a few companies that do accept some insurances. You can find several of them here.

Whichever type of supplier you choose, they will typically extend the manufacturer’s 30-day mask satisfaction guarantee, which will allow you to exchange your mask once within the first 30 days of ownership. Our masks can be easily found online or requested at your local DME. Find out how to order a SleepWeaver here

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