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What is a Circadian? — Customer Satisfaction

Posted by Circadiance on Apr 30, 2020 12:29:43 PM

"What is a 'Circadian'?" That is the question we will be answering in this blog and many others over the coming months. 

This week, we continue through our series, "What is a 'Circadian'?". This series focuses on some of the qualities we value here at Circadiance. We are proud of the people who work here and of the culture that has developed over the years and we want to share what has made us successful. So, without further ado,

A Circadian…

…feels good when our customers are happy with us and takes personal responsibility to address their problem when they are not. A Circadian lives by the two rules of customer service:
1) The customer is always right.
2) If the customer is ever wrong, refer to rule #1.

The Circadiance Difference

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