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What is a Circadian Part 1

What is a Circadian?

Posted by Circadiance on Dec 10, 2019 2:19:32 PM

"What is a 'Circadian'?" That is the question we will be answering in this blog and many others over the coming months. 

Circadiance selects, develops and retains excellent employees. Circadian means more than an employment status. These are people who embrace a set of values and display characteristics that make them successful people in their personal and professional lives. We are proud of the people who work here and of the culture that has developed over the years.

Part of maintaining a healthy culture of success is documenting what sets us apart from other companies and other people. This documentation has been helpful in the hiring process since it helps us to find candidates who will not only fit the position, but also fit with us as a company. We pride ourselves in hiring people who possess these traits and contribute to the outstanding culture we have.

This blog series will focus on some of the qualities we value here at Circadiance. So, without further ado,

A Circadian…

…has a good sense of humor, works with enthusiasm and likes to have fun. A Circadian is friendly courteous and kind to others.

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