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WFA 1 & 2

Waveform Access Phases One & Two

Posted by Circadiance on May 4, 2021 2:47:17 PM

Frequent trips to patient homes for data retrieval from SmartMonitor devices cost time and money... our Waveform Access Program helps you save both.

Market research has shown that the average trip to a patient's home costs $65. Most patients require monitoring for a month or longer which means numerous trips cutting into reimbursement revenue. The overwhelming feedback we've heard from SmartMonitor customers is: "We need a way to reduce costs associated with remote patient monitoring."

Circadiance developed the Waveform Access Program to save SmartMonitor customers time, money and productivity. Our patient data transfer procedure helps clinicians get patient data more quickly, without sending someone to the patient home. Now we have expanded on these efforts with the launch of Synergy® Cloud, which grants clinicians online access to uploaded data remotely.

WFA 1 & 2

The combination of fewer trips to patient homes and online access saves time and money for remote patient monitoring. Your reimbursement revenue can now go further than ever before. Schedule a meeting with us to learn more about ways to save in your remote monitoring program by clicking the button below.

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