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Introducing Synergy Cloud!

Introducing Synergy Cloud!

Posted by Circadiance on Nov 3, 2020 10:00:00 AM

Synergy Cloud software is the latest innovation from Circadiance to improve remote patient monitoring of premature newborn infants in the hospital and home.

Cardiorespiratory monitoring of newborn infants improves bedside detection and diagnosis of apnea of prematurity in the hospital. It enables the potential for earlier hospital discharge of premature infants. Earlier discharge provides better quality of life for the baby and family, lowers cost of care, and improves profitability for the hospital. Monitoring helps health care providers manage discharged infants with conditions that may affect breathing, heart rate, O2 saturation, or may have subtle or intermittent problems like cardiac conditions, seizures, parental neglect or abuse, or the onset of infection. Home monitor alarms allow parents to quickly respond in the event a pre-term baby stops breathing or has a bradycardia. It also gives them peace of mind as the baby outgrows the need to be monitored.

Synergy Cloud software displays data from SmartMonitor cardiorespiratory monitors, allowing clinicians to remotely manage premature newborn infants. Synergy Cloud uses a familiar interface with an intuitive design. The software brings graphical displays, customizable event labels, and improved communication to the field of remote patient monitoring. Patient demographics, monitoring parameters, and case history are also provided in customizable one-page reports categorized as Patient Event Trend Report, Equipment Summary Report and Compliance Report. These detailed reports support clinical decisions and reimbursement. Medical and personal data need to be kept secure. That's why we built Synergy Cloud with security and privacy at its core. You can now establish a care network and assign a care team to a case all within the tool, removing the risks associated with decentralized data. Trusted security features comply with national standards including HIPAA in the US and GDPR in the EU. With Synergy Cloud uploads are consolidated in one patient case record, improving interpretation and documentation. Case records are available on the web 24/7 through PC, tablet or mobile for anyone within the care network in Circadiance’s familiar Synergy software. Your care team can now view apnea, bradycardia, and desaturation information all in one place, anywhere there's an Internet connection. Communication with your team is simplified, automated and configurable. No more ad-hoc communication necessary, just login through our secure web portal to work directly with each patients data. Synergy Cloud creates continuity of care from hospital to home for infants born prematurely.

Synergy Cloud ties all of these elements together in a secure and accessible web-based platform. It makes monitoring more clinically useful, technologically relevant, and economical—ultimately improving outcomes for the most vulnerable patients.

We created Synergy Cloud because better access means better care.

Accessing your patients data is the key to providing the care they deserve. Remove the wait-time, expense, and tedium from your infant monitoring processes. Click here to learn more about this revolutionary step in infant monitoring technology!

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