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Upgrading to the Cloud

Understanding the Upgrade to Synergy Cloud

Posted by Circadiance on Mar 9, 2022 11:04:02 AM

If you're using our old Synergy-E software, it's time to contact us to begin your transition to the cloud.

Patient monitoring can take up staff time, cause stress for parents, and create confusion for the care team as they try to figure out how to address potentially life-threatening events (BRUEs). Our new software uses data from SmartMonitor products to solve these issues in the hospital and home.

Synergy Cloud software displays monitoring data for clinical interpretation and patient case management. It connects the entire care team and ensures every member (including parents) is on the same page. The software is intuitively designed to speed up data analysis time and deliver results so that caregivers never miss a beat.

The upgrade process can take some time so we suggest you begin right away! Below are the basic steps involved:

  1. We'll demo the software for you.
  2. We'll send you a quote and supporting documentation.
  3. If you need to conduct a security review or budget approval, we'll work with you through that.
  4. You issue a PO to Circadiance for your subscription.
  5. We'll set up your account.
  6. We'll train you to use the new software.
  7. You can begin to use Synergy Cloud to improve your monitoring program.

Updates to the Windows® operating system may result in future incompatibility for the software and disrupt your facility’s monitoring capabilities. Contact us to begin your upgrade today!

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