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Never Miss a Beat with Your Infant Monitoring

Posted by Circadiance on Feb 8, 2022 2:08:07 PM

Detecting and addressing apneic events, bradycardias, or desaturations in the NICU is critical for patient outcomes. Babies born prematurely often require cardiorespiratory monitoring so that hospital staff can properly assess their patients' condition. The data gathered from monitoring provides valuable information for their care while in the NICU and after going home with their family.

Patient monitoring can take up staff time, cause stress for parents, and create confusion for the care team as they try to figure out how to address potentially life-threatening events (BRUEs). Our SmartMonitor products pair with Synergy Cloud to solve these issues in the hospital and home.

Synergy Cloud software displays monitoring data for clinical interpretation and patient case management. It connects the entire care team and ensures every member (including parents) is on the same page. The software is intuitively designed to speed up data analysis time and deliver results so that caregivers never miss a beat.

If you're using our old Synergy-E software, it's time to begin your transition to the cloud. Updates to the Windows® operating system may result in future incompatibility for the software and disrupt your facility’s monitoring capabilities. If you want to see a quick comparison of the two systems, click here.

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