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Posted by Circadiance on Feb 20, 2020 2:18:32 PM

Circadiance strives to provide a high level of service to our customers. Our goal is to provide quick delivery on all products. We apologize for any delays or issues with your order.

February 2020 Note: While we do not make any products in China, we do source some components and accessories from Chinese factories. The presence of the new coronavirus has caused supply disruption to many industries including ours. The Chinese government has extended the Lunar New Year holidays throughout China. This means that factory workers who returned to their home provinces for the New Year holiday have been prevented from traveling back to their place of employment. The Chinese government has also placed strict personal hygiene controls on those workers who are available including the use of filter face masks, and limiting personal contact between people. So while some of our sub-suppliers factories remain closed others are able to begin only limited production. Additionally, limited transportation opportunities from China to the US has disrupted deliveries of some components. So while some of our suppliers are beginning to return to production, we expect to continue to experience supply delays for some items.

March 2020 Note: The coronavirus outbreak in China seems to have peaked and begun to drop. Our Chinese suppliers inform us that they are back to 50% production capacity and are working to get back on a normal schedule. Their best estimate is that they will be back to normal by the end of April. As the outbreak grows in the US, we are concerned about possible interruptions to our domestic suppliers. So far, there have been no actual interruptions to supply due to workers not being able to report to work from coronavirus.

April 2020 Note: Our domestic suppliers are now experiencing some labor constraints, but it has not impacted our ability to fulfill orders. We are taking steps to mitigate any potential issues as the virus impacts different parts of the country.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the people directly affected by this situation. And we remain committed to delivering safe and effective medical products to our customers. We will continue to monitor this situation closely over the coming days and weeks.

David G. Groll, CEO

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