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Emphasize Healthy Sleep to Protect Your Long-Term Health

Emphasize Healthy Sleep to Protect Your Long-Term Health

Posted by Circadiance on Mar 17, 2023 2:59:37 PM

Have you ever gone somewhere that was so intriguing you ended up staying much longer than you originally intended? This is the experience we have each time visiting the Super Sleep MD site.

Super Sleep MD was created and developed by Dr. Audrey Wells. Dr.Wells is a Sleep Medicine physician with 15 years of direct patient care. She is triple board-certified in Pediatric Medicine, Sleep Medicine, and Obesity Medicine. Sleep is a passion of Dr. Wells, and it is important to her to educate people with sleep disorders. We had the opportunity to speak with her in the lead-up to #WorldSleepDay so we could provide our followers with her valuable contributions to sleep.

While working in direct patient care and practice, Dr. Wells found that the time to see each patient was ample for treating the diagnosis of that patient, but there wasn’t enough time to provide tips, suggestions, educational advice, and support for a patient’s adjustment to care for their sleep difficulties. Sometimes patients with sleep difficulties had to wait months to see her. Super Sleep MD was born out of Dr. Wells’ frustration with the inability to provide help, education, and support for people who need these resources. It is important to her that people take this type of knowledge and apply it to their life. 

The vast array of resources provided on Super Sleep MD address topics that many of us are concerned about: breathing disorders, sleep anxiety, sleep hygiene, cleaning PAP supplies, acquiring a proper mindset to accept sleep, sleep apnea issues, PAP mask discussions, and many more topics too numerous to list here. Most of these resources are FREE on the site, where you can also download books and articles for even more insight.

Super Sleep MD also offers a paid membership which gives you access to courses created by Dr. Wells that you can take at your convenience. The membership also includes group coaching experiences, an invitation to a private Facebook group where people talk directly to her and with one another, and many more resources! 

Dr. Wells is intent on learning what a patient needs and depends on patient conversations to develop the topics presented on Super Sleep MD. Her belief is that “People should prioritize sleep as a self-care and a preventative approach”. This is evident throughout the site and will entice you to return over and over again to read what is new!

We invite you to visit this resource-packed website and find out for yourself what an amazing and helpful tool it can be:

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