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Skin Friendly Trademark Registration

SleepWeaver® Soft Cloth CPAP Masks Receive Trademark Registration As "Skin Friendly®"

Posted by Circadiance on Jul 14, 2021 3:06:42 PM

The Skin Friendly® label for SleepWeaver® CPAP masks is now a registered trademark with the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

What does “Skin Friendly” mean?

Much like the term “lite” defines a category of healthier food options, “skin friendly” connotes comfort and a lack of irritation. Consumers also understand the term to mean hypoallergenic, antimicrobial, loose-fitting, breathable, soft, and many other attributes. Like any label, skin friendly means many things to many people but, unlike most labels, this one can only be used to describe one CPAP brand.

That brand is Circadiance’s SleepWeaver Skin Friendly CPAP masks.

What makes SleepWeaver “Skin Friendly”?

SleepWeaver’s all-cloth construction is unique within the CPAP mask market. The elastic fabric on the SleepWeaver interface conforms to a patient’s facial features, so there are no pressure points. These masks are also known as the “lightweight champion” because they are the lightest on the market, meaning less weight on the face. SleepWeaver masks inflate to form a cloth balloon so that the portion that contacts the face is a cushion of air, rather than a silicone or polyurethane gel gasket. The unique properties of the cloth that is used make the masks non-allergenic and moisture vapor breathable which means those with sensitive skin will not experience a negative reaction. Using the pressure of a CPAP machine, rather than a rigid frame, means that these masks conform to almost every face shape and size. This allows for multiple sleep positions without sacrificing the seal.

Who uses SleepWeaver masks?

CPAP users of all ages, shapes and sizes use SleepWeaver masks to great effect. Many consumers gravitate to these masks because they do not require tight straps to remain in place. The loose-fitting nature of the mask means most people who try them never look back.

Does comfort equate to compliance?

Comfort is difficult to quantify, but therapy compliance is not. Circadiance claims to have the highest therapy compliance on the market. With more than four out of five consumers choosing to purchase SleepWeaver again, a trend that could turn the tide in CPAP therapy, the claim is well backed up. Users choose their comfort every time, even when it might mean skipping out on potentially life-saving therapy.

Why pursue a “Skin Friendly” trademark?

Circadiance can now mark SleepWeaver CPAP masks with a label that validates their consumer-focused design. Something their competitors cannot contest. Rest assured; the future of CPAP therapy will be decided by user preference starting with mask comfort.

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