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Posted by Circadiance on Mar 17, 2023 9:43:09 AM

Circadiance recently had the good fortune of interviewing Dr. Joseph Krainin, a double board-certified Sleep Medicine and Neurology physician. In 2013, Dr. Krainin was elected a fellow of the American Academy of Sleep Medicine, which is reserved for those sleep doctors who have made significant contributions to the field in education, research, and service.

Dr. Krainin is the Founder and President of Singular Sleep, LLC which is an award-winning, comprehensive online sleep center that he started in 2015. Singular Sleep was the first telemedicine site to offer online physician visits, a home sleep test, consultations with both the physician and a respiratory therapist, diagnostic and treatment services, and an online DME. 

After years of working within the traditional healthcare delivery system, Dr. Krainin became “fed up” with the amount of time it took for insurance companies to approve and cover services for patients who were trying to get treatment for their sleep disorder. For many patients, this process took months from start to finish on the journey to tackle their sleep disorder. This experience was what lead to the birth of Singular Sleep. Dr. Krainin had a “hunch” that there was a better way to treat patients without the huge timeline it routinely took for a patient going the traditional path. This frustration led Singular Sleep to pursue a cash-only business model. The new model means they do not have to interact with insurance companies and fight for coverage. It also dramatically reduces the time it takes for a patient to move through the diagnostic and treatment process as a patient of Singular Sleep.

Dr. Krainin’s passion for sleep is evident in talking with him about his background and his mission in professional life. He is board-certified in sleep in 47 out of 50 states. Besides his many achievements and awards, his background includes being a Director of a large Sleep Disorder Center for years and in working with athletic programs as a Sports Physician. His mission to “continuously improve” Singular Sleep is based on the Japanese business philosophy ‘Kaizen’ which means “change for good”.

We asked Dr. Krainin if he had any sleep advice he’d like to share with everyone and, without hesitation, he said “People need to prioritize sleep as an essential part of their day. People need to plan their sleep, just as they plan the rest of their daily life. Adults need 7–8 hours of sleep per day and teenagers need more. It is important that people protect this essential part of their health and treat it as a critical health and wellbeing tool that’s a necessity in each of our lives.” 

Dr. Krainin said if he had a billboard, he would have it say “THINK SLEEP” to remind all of us how important this part of our life is!

Singular Sleep was recently acquired by For anyone looking for help with a possible sleep disorder, please visit

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