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Improving Health & Quality of Life

Improving Health & Quality of Life

Posted by Circadiance on Sep 20, 2022 2:35:09 PM

For fifteen years Circadiance has striven to serve our customers and their patients with products that improve health and quality of life. We have established a unique brand within the medical device industry. Riding the waves of health insurance upheaval, economic recession, provider consolidation, regulatory changes, and a global pandemic—we continue to be a trusted partner for hundreds of organizations and thousands of patients.

In the last decade, we’ve had to learn how to change tack countless times to accommodate the needs of our customers without sacrificing quality or sinking in the whirlpool of regulations. Healthcare has become an increasingly corporate and sterile environment as acquisitions reduce the number of organizations in the market. This has caused many a headache for patients (you’ve probably personally experienced this!), medical professionals, and manufacturers. However, it also poses an opportunity for companies with a reputation for personal touch to float above the rest.

Circadiance works closely with customers to hear product preferences, maintain competitive pricing, and develop future technology to improve the care they provide. Every employee seeks to put customer needs first which has created a culture of success. Our customers have influence on the new technology we’re developing and the direction our company is heading. From customer service to engineering to the CEO—everyone listens to feedback and implements it into their own daily duties and long-term objectives.

As we enter the fourth quarter of 2022, the ability to navigate in the wake of recalls, supply chain constraints, and inflation in the markets we serve is more important than ever. Circadiance wants to continue to be a brand you can trust for years to come. If you have product feedback, want to influence development, or would like to see a sneak peek of future technology—contact us! We would love to hear how we can improve health and quality of life for your patients (and you!).

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