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How to find the best CPAP mask for you!

Posted by Circadiance on Feb 17, 2015 1:26:29 PM

How can I find a CPAP mask that is best for me?

Just like everyone's face, CPAP masks come in different styles and sizes. The SleepWeaver products fit into two separate categories:

  • Nasal mask (covers your nose)
  • Full face mask (covers your mouth and nose)

How do I know if I should use a nasal or a full face CPAP mask?

The first question to ask yourself is: Do you tend to breathe mainly through your nose or through your mouth when you sleep?

If you primarily use your nose, then you can choose a CPAP nasal mask. These masks connect either around your nose or directly to the nostrils of your nose. On the other hand, if you use your mouth more when you sleep, then you'll need a CPAP full-face mask that covers both the nose and the mouth.

Next you'll need to consider the fit or how the mask is strapped on. Are around-the-head straps the most comfortable or is a combination of head and chin straps better. How the mask straps on determines how secure it will fit on your face and ultimately how effective it will be. It also determines how much free movement you'll have as you sleep and how comfortable you'll be.
SleepWeaver offers a variety of products to help you become compliant with your CPAP therapy.

1. SleepWeaver Advance


The SleepWeaver Advance is our original nasal mask that is made of soft non-allergenic cloth and is available in one size fits most.

The SleepWeaver Advance Small is new configuration that extends the range of SleepWeaver Advance to include CPAP users with smaller facial features. The Advance small is about 15% smaller than the current Advance mask.

For more information on SleepWeaver Advance visit:

2. SleepWeaver Elan


The SleepWeaver Élan is also a nasal mask that features exhalation holes under the mask to match up with your natural exhalation. The “loose fit” prevents strap marks, and the open-face headgear design accommodates eyeglasses and allows virtually unrestricted vision—great for people who like to fall asleep while reading or watching TV. The SleepWeaver Elan is also available in a small, regular and large size.

For more information on SleepWeaver Elan visit:

3. SleepWeaver Anew


SleepWeaver Anew is a full face mask that is especially designed for people who breathe through their mouths. The dual interface design securely seals around both the nose and the mouth, with no gaps and only soft cloth touching the skin. Our unique “loose fit” provides the ultimate in comfort and eliminates strap marks. The SleepWeaver Anew is available in multiple size options to ensure that users find the perfect fit for their face.

For more information on the SleepWeaver Anew visit:

The final step in finding the best CPAP mask is to make sure you find the right size.

Your goal to achieve a good fit with a SleepWeaver mask it to make sure it is not too loose and not too tight. It is hard to get a good seal and a comfortable fit if you have the wrong size mask. 

To avoid this problem, prior to purchasing your CPAP mask it is a good idea to size yourself. Please view SleepWeaver Universal Sizing Guide to determine which size product is best suited for your facial features.

Many people can fit more than one size. So if the mask is still leaking air (especially around the bridge of the nose for a nasal or full face mask) it might be worth trying a different mask size to find one that's perfect.

Don’t assume if you’re male you need a larger mask size or if you’re female you need a smaller one. Your mask size depends on several key measurements of your face.

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