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Feather Weight Tube

The Feather Weight CPAP Hose Extension

Posted by Circadiance on Mar 28, 2023 1:36:00 PM

The SleepWeaver® Feather Weight Tube® is a great addition to your CPAP therapy because it creates a unique flex zone between the SleepWeaver mask and the CPAP hose. Learn all about this marvelous product and find a great price below!

The Feather Weight Tube is extremely lightweight and flexible, reducing the weight and pull on your mask from the machine hose. This gives you the freedom to move throughout the night without breaking the mask seal or interrupting your sleep. The tube is 15mm in diameter and 18 inches long with a standard 22mm connection so that you can quickly attach it to most CPAP machine hoses. Many patients pair this tube with a hose clip or tether strap to keep the tube in one position throughout the night. The Feather Weight Tube was designed specifically for the lightweight all-cloth SleepWeaver masks, but we have learned from many CPAP patients that adding it to their regular CPAP machine hose also helps to defy the gravitational pull on traditional plastic masks too. 

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