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12 Reasons to Ditch the Plastic

12 Reasons to Ditch the Plastic

Posted by Circadiance on Nov 12, 2019 10:45:00 AM

You don't wear plastic clothes or sleep in plastic sheets, so why wear a plastic mask when you sleep? Cloth is better because soft is better. Here are 12 reasons why you should ditch the plastic and switch to cloth masks:

  1. The cloth material is air-impermeable so that the mask inflates like a balloon and makes a cushion of air to form a seal on the users face. Since it’s fabric, the mask matches the contours of any user’s face which reduces leaks.
  2. Because the cushion of air conforms to the user's facial features, there are no pressure points that can cause skin breakdown.
  3. SleepWeaver® Skin Friendly masks are made of soft cloth which is gentle on the skin. Wearing a hard plastic CPAP mask is like wearing plastic pajamas or sleeping in plastic sheets. Sleeping with a SleepWeaver mask is like wearing cozy cloth bedding.
  4. The cloth material wicks away moisture, reducing the chance to form pressure sores where the mask presses against the skin. Dry skin is comfortable skin.
  5. For customers who complain about their conventional hard plastic CPAP mask leaving behind ugly and uncomfortable red marks, SleepWeaver masks minimize strap marks.
  6. SleepWeaver Skin Friendly masks are the lightest masks available. Most of them weigh less than 1 oz. which reduces the amount of strap tension required to keep them in place.
  7. These masks allow more sleep positions because they're made of cloth instead of hard plastic. Users can sleep on their back, side or stomach without rigid buckles, hard clips or face-plates digging into their skin. SleepWeaver "believers" report waking up in the middle of the night and wondering if it is still on their face, only to find it gently resting in place.
  8. For those who may have tried SleepWeaver Advance years ago, but switched away from it, there are new models that incorporate numerous improvements.
    • SleepWeaver Advance now has a small size and a pediatric version.
    • SleepWeaver Élan has regular, small and large cushions to better fit a wide variety of users. Élan has a starter kit with all three sizes of cushions as well as a Feather Weight Tube® and tether strap.
    • SleepWeaver Anew™ is a full face mask that covers the mouth and nose. This is great for mouth breathers or those users on higher pressures. The Anew also has regular, small and large cushions.
    • The newest SleepWeaver Skin Friendly mask is the SleepWeaver 3D. This mask has an even more flexible interface that fits a wider variety of faces and further reduces leaks. The 3D also includes improved headgear that routes the straps around the ears to provide a more stable fit.
  9. All SleepWeaver masks can be comfortably worn while wearing glasses. Users will enjoy a clear line of sight, great for people who are claustrophobic or who like to read or watch TV in bed.
  10. The masks are designed with tiny exhalation holes that diffuse the air to eliminate noise upon exhalation. This provides a quieter night’s sleep for the user and their bed partner.
  11. SleepWeaver masks can be easily cleaned by hand washing with a mild non-abrasive detergent.
  12. SleepWeaver masks come with a 90 day warranty and 30 day risk-free money back guarantee.

If you're ready to ditch the plastic, try a SleepWeaver!

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