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COVID-19 SleepWeaver FAQs

Understanding CPAP During COVID-19

Posted by Circadiance on Apr 14, 2020 9:17:46 AM

"Circadiance strives to provide a high level of service for our customers with the goal to provide quick delivery on all products. As the outbreak grows in the US, we are working to help support the US healthcare system in any way we can. We are taking steps to minimize the impact of COVID-19 on orders from our valued customers." -David Groll, CEO

SleepWeaver Supply

If you're worried about finding the right mask to fit your needs, our mask chart will show you the SleepWeaver equivalent to some of the most common PAP masks from other manufacturers. See our mask chart here.

If you experience a supply issue, please don't hesitate to reach out to us here


Many people have reached out to us about the possibility that their CPAP therapy could be aerosolizing the virus and, thus, furthering its spread.

First, we want to state that COVID-19 does nothing to change the need for therapy air for sleep apnea patients. If you have been prescribed a mask and machine, we strongly advise you continue to use it while following the guidelines from AASM.

Second, we have reviewed the exhalation data on our SleepWeaver products and found leak rates similar to comparable masks from other manufacturers, and see no added risks introduced by the SleepWeaver line of masks.

Finally, it is important that you maintain cleanliness in all areas of life during the COVID-19 outbreak. This especially includes your mask and other therapy equipment. For cleaning guidance, click here

Additional Resources

AASM has an excellent hub of resources regarding COVID-19. We recommend you read the ones relevant to your situation here

AARC also has many useful links answering respiratory questions people are asking at this time. We recommend you read the ones relevant to your situation here

Finally, the CDC and WHO are organizations we should all listen to in our approach to this outbreak. It's important to stay updated on your local area and informed about the virus. Stay healthy and stay home! 

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