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Circadiance Launches New Version of Popular Infant Waveform Analysis Software

Posted by Circadiance on Sep 12, 2016 3:00:00 AM

Synergy-E™ 5.0 software replaces version 4.0, adding compatibility with Microsoft’s Windows 8.1 and 10 operating systems.


Circadiance announced today that is has launched an updated version of the Synergy-E event software used in conjunction with its SmartMonitor® 2 line of apnea monitors that enable clinicians to easily record, identify and classify apparent life-threatening events (ALTEs) in infants. Synergy-E 5.0 replaces version 4.0 and is available to ship to clinicians starting today.

In addition to its new compatibility with Windows 10 and 8.1 operating systems, Synergy-E 5.0 will maintain compatibility with Windows 7.

Synergy-E software provides graphical displays of the patient’s biometrics recorded on the SmartMonitor and a library of reports that detail the monitoring parameters of the unit. This reporting structure provides clinicians with downloadable data in a form they can interpret to prescribe an appropriate course of care.

The new version’s list price of $500 is the same as the previous version. In addition, Circadiance will offer any organization that purchased Synergy-E 4.0 after January 1st, 2016 a free upgrade to version 5.0.

“As a gold standard tool in infant waveform analysis, we felt that Synergy-E’s compatibility with Microsoft’s Windows 10 operating system was essential, as many of our acute care and home care providers indicated they were planning to upgrade their OS platforms in the near future. We look forward to continuing our leadership role in providing clinically-validated solutions in the infant monitoring space”, said Jim Seles, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Circadiance.

About Circadiance:

Circadiance is a pioneer in respiratory therapy specializing in positive airway pressure, non-invasive ventilation and apnea monitoring. Our clinically proven, innovative solutions address patients ranging from premature newborns to frail elderly. Circadiance products deliver superior patient comfort and effectiveness in the acute care and home care settings, ultimately resulting in reduced cost of care and improved outcomes. Circadiance’s brands include the following:

NeoPAP®– Neonatal CPAP and High Flow Respiratory Support System

SmartMonitor® – Infant Apnea Monitors

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