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Circadiance featured in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Posted by Circadiance on Nov 28, 2018 1:00:00 PM

November 28, 2018
Pittsburgh, PA

Circadiance was featured in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Series "Patented in Pittsburgh" on November 26, 2018.

An excerpt:

In the world of sleep apnea, there’s not a lot of comfort.

Not for the patients, whose slumber is interrupted by abrupt stopping and starting of their breathing, nor for the medical device companies that help those with the condition sleep.

Because the roughly 25 million people who have sleep apnea need to replace their masks every three months, companies are always trying to make a new and better version — and stake out their place in the market.

“It’s a pretty active area (for patents),” said Rich Lordo, director of engineering for Circadiance, a Wilkins Township company that designs respiratory masks for people with sleep-disordered breathing.

Circadiance is trying to tackle both problems at once with its all-cloth continuous positive airway pressure, or CPAP, masks, which the company has branded “the SleepWeaver.”

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To learn more about our Skin FriendlyTM SleepWeaverR product line, visit here.

The entire family of SleepWeaver CPAP Masks are Skin Friendly. The masks are made of soft cloth, just like your clothes and bedding. The SleepWeaver Masks are the lightest CPAP masks made. They are breathable by allowing moisture from the skin or from the CPAP humidifier to wick through the cloth and evaporate into the air stream in the CPAP mask. This keeps the area between the mask and the skin dry. The elastic fabric on the SleepWeaver interface conforms to your facial features, so there are no pressure points. SleepWeaver Masks form a cloth balloon so that the portion that contacts the face is a cushion of air, rather than a silicone or polyurethane gel gasket. There is also no rigid frame pressing against your face. This lets you roll over on your pillow or sleep face down without issue.

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